Title Filling Station
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number Rental (Worldwide)
Cardell Number B1[A-D]
Meckna Number W2
Copyright Date And Owner ©1937 Boosey & Hawkes
Ensemble Type Orchestral
Year Composed 1937
Year Published
Year Revised
First Publisher American Music Edition
Current Publisher Id Boosey & Hawkes
Duration 24

Manuscript Sources Location



2(pic)2(ca)22/4331/timp.2[+]perc/pf/str OR 2222/2210/timp.2perc/pf/str

Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

Choreography by Lew Christensen

Boosey and Hawkes only lists availability of the "Suite" for rent, 10/07/2013

Movements: 1) Introduction; 2) Mac's Dance (Pas Seul); 3) Scene (Mac and Motorist); 4) Acrobatics (Mac and Truck Drivers); 5) Scene (State Trooper and Truck Drivers); 6) Family Life (Motorist's Family and Trucker Drivers); 7) Tango (Rich Girl and Boy); 8) Valse à trois (Rich Girl, Boy, Mac); 9) Big Apple (Ensemble); 10) Hold Up (Ensemble); 11) Chase (Ensemble); 12) Finale (Ensemble)