Title Cantata on Poems of Edward Lear
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number Hal Leonard 50325470; Music Room GS32547
Cardell Number C3[A-C]
Meckna Number W97
Copyright Date And Owner ©1976 G. Schirmer
Ensemble Type Choral
Year Composed 1973
Year Published
Year Revised
First Publisher G. Schirmer Inc.
Current Publisher Id G. Schirmer Inc.
Duration 21

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Soprano, baritone, mixed chorus [SATB] and piano (or orchestra)

Instrumentation Notes

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Text: (English) Edward Lear



1. The Owl and the Pussycat (for soprano, baritone, and piano)

2. The Jumblies (for soprano, chorus, percussion, piano, violin, violoncello, and doublebass) - Choral Octavo for Sale

3. The Pelican Chorus (for soprano, baritone, chorus, and chambe ensemble; 1011/2110/perc/pf/vn.vc.db)

4. Half an Alphabet (for chorus and orchestra; 2222/4230/perc/str) - Choral Octavo for Sale

5. The Akond of Swat (for baritone, chorus, and piano) - Choral Octavo for Sale