Title Piano Sonata No. 2
Commercial Availability Status Out of Print
Edition Or Catalog Number
Cardell Number In20.2[A]
Meckna Number W170
Copyright Date And Owner ©1982 Belwin Mills
Ensemble Type Solo Instrumental (with or without Piano Accompaniment)
Year Composed 1929
Year Published 1982
Year Revised
First Publisher Belwin Mills Publishing Corp.
Current Publisher Id Belwin Mills Publishing Corp.
Duration 7

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Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

Alfred does not list this work on their site as available. Movements: 1) Cantabile; 2) Sostenuto; 3) Leggiero e brillante. Meckna notes the work was also scored for harp and orchestra and published as the last three movements of Autumn: Concertino for Harp, Strings, and Percussion.