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Title Seventeen Portraits for Piano
Commercial Availability Status Available
Ensemble Type Solo Instrumental (with or without Piano Accompaniment)


Duration 20
Current Publisher G. Schirmer Inc.
Edition Or Catalog Number Hal Leonard 50507760; Music Room GS50776

Cataloging Information

Copyright Date And Owner ©1987 G. Schirmer
Year Composed 1982-1984
Year Revised
First Publisher G. Schirmer Inc.
Year Published
Manuscript Source(s) Location


Cardell Number Multiple; consult finding aid.
Meckna Number Multiple; consult Meckna.

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Instrumentation Notes
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1. Molly Davies: Terminiations (1982)

2. Dennis Russel Davies: In a Hammock (1982)

3. Rodney Lister: Music for a Merry-Go-Round (1982)

4. Doña Flor: Receiving (1982)

5. Dr. Marcel Roche: Making a Decision (1982)

6. David Dubal in Flight (1989)

7. Peter McWilliams: Firmly Spontaneous (1983)

8. Vassilis Voglis: On the March (1983)

9. Power Boothe: With Pencil (1983)

10. Mark Beard: Never Alone (1983)

11. Louis Rispoli: In a Boat (1983)

12. Malitte Matta: In the Executive Style (1983)

13. Glynn Boyd Harte: Reaching (1983)

14. Bennett Lerner: Senza Espressione (1983)

15. Philip Ramey: Thinking Hard (1983)

16. Charles Fussell: In Meditation (1983)

17. Brendan Lemon: A Study Piece for Piano (1984)

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