Title Synthetic Waltzes
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number 160-00181
Cardell Number In22[.1[A-D]][.2]
Meckna Number W161
Copyright Date And Owner ©1980 Elkan-Vogel
Ensemble Type Solo Instrumental (with or without Piano Accompaniment)
Year Composed 1925
Year Published 1980
Year Revised
First Publisher Elkan-Vogel
Current Publisher Id Theodore Presser Co.
Duration 6

Manuscript Sources Location

Yale; note that Meckna and Cardell treat both the one piano/four hand and two piano/four hand arrangements as the same record.


Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

CC: For two pianos or one piano, 4-hands

The One piano, 4 hands version is separately listed: 160-00194