Title Ten Easy Pieces and a Coda [ for Josiah Lasell to play on the pianoforte ]
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number HL 00228411
Cardell Number In4[A-B]
Meckna Number W164
Copyright Date And Owner ©1972 Southern Music; ©2000 Virgil Thomson Estate
Ensemble Type Solo Instrumental (with or without Piano Accompaniment)
Year Composed 1926
Year Published 1972
Year Revised
First Publisher Southern Music Publishing Co. Inc.
Current Publisher Id Southern Music Publishing Co. Inc.
Duration 6

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Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

CC: To be played as a single work

CC: Movements:

1. A Plain Song

2. Light Fingers

3. Pathos

4. Counting

5. Marching

6. Two-Part Invention

7. Two People

8. Improvising

9. The Night before Christmas

10. Assembly