Title Ten Etudes for Piano
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Meckna Number W181
Copyright Date And Owner ©1946 Carl Fischer
Ensemble Type Solo Instrumental (with or without Piano Accompaniment)
Year Composed 1943-44
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Year Revised
First Publisher Carl Fischer Inc
Current Publisher Id Carl Fischer Inc
Duration 17

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CC: Movements

1. Repeating Tremolo (Fanfare)

2. Tenor Lead (Madrigal)

3. Fingered Fifths (Canon)

4. Fingered Glissando (Waltz)

5. Double Glissando (Aeolian Harp)

6. For the Weaker Fingers (Music Box Lullaby)

7. Oscillating Arm (Spinning Song)

8. Five Finger Exercise (Portrait of Briggs Buchanan)

9. Parallel Chords (Tango)

10. Ragtime Bass