Title Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
Commercial Availability Status Out of Print
Edition Or Catalog Number
Cardell Number Orch3[A-E]
Meckna Number W36; W186
Copyright Date And Owner ©1952 Ricordi
Ensemble Type Orchestral
Year Composed 1950
Year Published
Year Revised
First Publisher Ricordi (Franco Colombo Inc.)
Current Publisher Id Ricordi (Franco Colombo Inc.)
Duration 21

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Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

Arranged 1986 for Wayne Crouse, for viola and orchestra

Reduction for cello and piano for sale. Listed in Meckna as W186. Meckna records a ballet by Agnes de Mille, "The Harvest According", using excerpts as W5.

CC marginalia indicated European American Music Distributors LLC offers rental.

Movements: 1) Rider on the Plains; 2) Variations on a Southern Hymn; 3) Children's Games