Title Four Saints in Three Acts
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number MUSA 18
Cardell Number n/a
Meckna Number W1
Copyright Date And Owner ©2006 G. Schirmer
Ensemble Type Opera
Year Composed 1928
Year Published 1948
Year Revised
First Publisher Music Press
Current Publisher Id G. Schirmer Inc.
Duration 90

Manuscript Sources Location

Yale; full description in Music of the United States of America Critical Edition


S,Mz,A,T,Bar,B;2S,2A,2T,Bar,B;Mixed Chorus [SATB]; dancers' 1121/2110/2perc/acn.hmn/str

Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

Marginalia in Centennial Catalog states "no separate listing in NMUSA-DB."

G. Schirmer also holds copyright to the MUSA edition.