Title Three Antiphonal Psalms
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number Hal Leonard 50319230; Music Room GS31923
Cardell Number C1
Meckna Number W65
Copyright Date And Owner ©1951 Leeds Music; ©1979 Virgil Thomson
Ensemble Type Choral
Year Composed 1922-24
Year Published
Year Revised
First Publisher Leeds Music Corp.
Current Publisher Id G. Schirmer Inc.
Duration 5

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2-part Chorus (SA or TB)

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CC: Choral Octavo for Sale

Text: (English Bible)

CC: Movements

1. Psalm 123: Unto Thee Lift I Up Mine Eyes

2. Psalm 133: Behold How Good and Pleasant It Is, Brethren

3. Psalm 136: O, Give Thanks to the Lord, For He is Gracious