Title La Belle en dormant
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number M051906000
Cardell Number V4
Meckna Number W123
Copyright Date And Owner ©1950 Boosey & Hawkes; ©1978 Virgil Thomson & Boosey & Hawkes
Ensemble Type Vocal (Solo or Small Ensemble)
Year Composed 1931
Year Published 1950
Year Revised
First Publisher Boosey & Hawkes
Current Publisher Id Boosey & Hawkes
Duration 5

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Voice and Piano

Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

Text: (French) George Hugnet, English Translation by Elaine de Sircay

Alternate Title: Beauty Sleeping

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CC: Movements

1. Pour chercher sur la carte des mer (Scanning booklets from ocean resorts)

2. La première de toutes (My true love sang me no song)

3. Mon Amour est bon à dire (Yes, my love is good to tell of)

4. Partis les vaisseaux (All gone are the ships)