Title Eleven Chorale Preludes for Organ
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number Rental
Cardell Number n/a
Meckna Number W40
Copyright Date And Owner ©1958 Boosey & Hawkes; ©1986 Virgil Thomson
Ensemble Type Orchestral
Year Composed 1956-57
Year Published 1958
Year Revised
First Publisher Boosey & Hawkes
Current Publisher Id Boosey & Hawkes
Duration 25

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2(III(ad lib)=picc)/2(II=corA)/2.bcl.2.dbn(ad lib)/4231//timp.perc:t.bells/strings.

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11 Movements:

1. My Jesus Calls to Me

2. O Blessed Jesus (2 versions)

3. O World, I Now Must Leave Thee

4. My Faithful Heart Rejoices

5. Deck Thyself, My Soul

6. Blessed are Ye Faithful Souls

7. O God, Thou Faithful God

8. Behold a Rose is Blooming

9. My Heart is Filled with Longing (Brahms's First Setting)

10. My Heart is Filled with Longing (Brahms's Second Setting)

11. O World, I Now Must Leave Thee