Title Acadian Songs and Dances from "Louisiana Story"
Commercial Availability Status Available
Edition Or Catalog Number Hal Leonard 50339200; Music Room GS33920
Cardell Number n/a
Meckna Number W31
Copyright Date And Owner ©1951 G. Schirmer
Ensemble Type Orchestral
Year Composed 1948
Year Published
Year Revised
First Publisher G. Schirmer Inc.
Current Publisher Id G. Schirmer Inc.
Duration 14

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Meckna W4 records that Balanchine executed a ballet, "Bayou" using this score.


1. Sadness

2. Papa's Tune

3. A Narrative

4. The Alligator and the 'Coon

5. Super-sadness

6. Walking Song

7. The Squeeze Box