Title Four Portraits
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Edition Or Catalog Number Hal Leonard 50334490; Music Room HL50334490
Cardell Number n/a
Meckna Number n/a
Copyright Date And Owner ©1979 G. Schirmer
Ensemble Type Chamber
Year Composed 1942
Year Published
Year Revised
First Publisher G. Schirmer Inc.
Current Publisher Id G. Schirmer Inc.
Duration 9

Manuscript Sources Location

Yale (Photocopy)


Cello and Piano

Instrumentation Notes

Research Notes

CC: Arranged by Luigi Silva, 1942.

CC Movements:

1. Bugles and Birds (Pablo Picasso) (1940)

2. Tango Lullaby (Flavie Alvarez de Toledo) (1940)

3. In a Bird Cage (Lise Deharme) (1940)

4. Fanfare for France (Max Kahn) (1940)

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